Using Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

The Department of Defense (DoD) offers Tuition Assistance to active duty service members. Active military students will need to contact their CO or ESO in their branch of service for details on the specific application process for Tuition Assistance and to seek approval to use FTA. The DOD requires that students seek approval from their CO and/or ESO prior to registering for courses. The links below can be used as a guide.

Tuition Assistance may cover tuition costs up to $250 per credit hour and $4500 per year. Application/approval processes as well as credit hour and cost caps vary by branch. No fees, books, or supplies are covered.

Steps to use FTA

  • Confirm with your unit CO and/or ESO that you are authorized to take courses at MSU.
  • Apply for Federal Tuition Assistance utilizing your branch-specific process (see links below).
  • Once approved, provide MSU with your FTA approval paperwork by emailing it to
  • Be sure to coordinate with the school certifying officials if you are combining FTA with VA benefits.

Tuition Assistance Links

DOD TA Decide Tool
Marine Corps
Air Force
Coast Guard